Centre for Evaluation Retreat 2016

Improving global health practice through evaluation
Thursday 10th and Friday 11th November

The 2016 LSHTM Centre for Evaluation Retreat and AGM will be held in London on 10th and 11th November 2016 (during reading week). All LSHTM staff and research degree students who are members of the Centre for Evaluation…

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Workshop reflections – balances and trade-offs in evaluation of diverse portfolios.

The LSHTM Centre for Evaluation recently ran a workshop for three teams to present their respective plans for evaluation of large, diverse intervention portfolios. This was a terrific forum for collaborative learning in this complex emerging area for stakeholders involved in funding, implementing and evaluating a range of interventions across…

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Centre for Evaluation participating in the Global Symposium on Health Systems Research

James Lewis and Deborah DiLiberto from the Centre for Evaluation, together with colleagues Karl Blanchet and Bayard Roberts from the Health in Humanitarian Crises Centre, will be presenting at the Fourth Global Symposium on Health Systems Research. The group will be presenting an exciting and interactive session on practical evaluation…

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Centre for Evaluation participating in the What Works Global Summit

Dr James Hargreaves, Director of the Centre for Evaluation will be presenting at the What Works Global Summit.

On Tuesday, September 27, 5.30-7.00pm, Dr Hargreaves will be part of an exciting discussion with colleagues on, ‘What evidence for what works? An inter-disciplinary discussion’.

The first What…

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Causal Inference: What was it, what is it and what will it become?

Causality refers to the direct relationship between a set of events. This relationship enables researchers to describe scientific histories and mysteries and how they might be associated with current phenomena. That said, the process in which scientists decide whether or not two variables are associated or causal (also known as…

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