The ACT Consortium

Consortium Director:  David Schellenberg Other LSHTM Research Staff: Daniel Chandramohan, Sian Clarke, Catherine Goodman, Harparkash Kaur, Toby Leslie, Hugh Reyburn, Mark Rowland, Sarah Staedke, Jayne Webster, Christopher Whitty, Virginia Wiseman, Clare Chandler, Bonnie Cundill, Kristian Hansen, Joanna Reynolds, Shunmey Yeung Countries: Afghanistan, Cameroon, Ghana, Malawi, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, and Uganda Funding Source: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation The ACT Consortium sponsored 16 research […]

The IeDA Study – Integrated eDiagnosis Approach for the management of childhood illnesses at primary health facilities in Burkina Faso

Status: Ongoing Study Start Date: September 2014 Estimated End Date: September 2017 Current adherence to Integrated Management of Childhood Illnesses guidelines is very low in Burkina Faso. A promising new approach involves using tablet computers to guide medical practitioners through the guidelines in real-time during a consultation. The data collected can then be used within cycles of […]

PopART/HPTN071: Universal Test and Treat for HIV Prevention

Status: Ongoing Study Start Date: 2013 Estimated End Date: 2017 PopART / HPTN 071 is a large community-randomised trial that will be carried out in Zambia and South Africa to measure the impact of a universal HIV test-and-treat intervention on population-level HIV incidence. To measure the impact of the intervention, a Population cohort consisting of a random sample of 2,500 […]

The ZAMSTAR Study- The Zambia South Africa TB and HIV Reduction Study

The ZAMSTAR program tests ways to interrupt the transmission of TB in communities with a high burden of TB and HIV through additional TB control mechanisms. Twenty-four communities across Zambia and South Africa’s Western Cape Province participated in the study.   ZAMSTAR, The Zambia South Africa TB and HIV Reduction study: Design of a 2 […]