“Building the ship while it’s sailing”: the challenge of evaluating programmes that change over time

The Centre for Evaluation recently held a lunchtime seminar, in which we heard from five speakers who are undertaking evaluations of interventions that have changed. In this blog, we highlight the key challenges that change poses to traditional evaluation approaches. There is increasing recognition that a flexible approach to intervention design and implementation is needed […]

Weekly links | Week of 1st July

Phew – it’s actually hot outside. If like me you’re not sure how to cope when summer finally arrives, perhaps these links will give you something to read in the shade. The hugely ambitious and hotly anticipated popART trial has been in the news (NPR), with an interesting take on the who, the whys, and […]

Weekly links | Week of the 17th June

Like this start-stop-start(?) summer we’re having in London, we’ve not always been able to throw together the Weekly Links blog post. We’ll try as hard as we can to put one out each Friday, but only when we’re found enough interesting material. Hopefully you’ll agree the five links below were worth the wait: We though […]

Weekly links | Week of the 20th May

Whoops! Missed a week… sorry. Here are five stories of interest from the evaluation world. The IFS launched the IFS Deaton Review, with Nobel Laureate Angus Deaton (gettit?). The idea is to bring together people from many disciplines to ‘build a comprehensive understanding of inequalities in the twenty-first century’, as well as ‘to provide solutions’. […]

Implementation Science

In the last few years, a new field of ‘implementation science’ has emerged, which focuses on bridging the gap between efficacy and impact. Prof. James Hargreaves, Former Director of the Centre for Evaluation and Professor of Epidemiology and Evaluation at LSHTM, has been invited on different occasions to give a presentation on implementation science in […]

Weekly links | Week of the 6th May

It’s been a short week here in the UK, but with four seasons in four days it feels like a while since Monday. Here are five evaluation-related links to start the weekend. Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC) have announced a new tool for assessing evidence that gives more weight to research that accounts for context articulates […]

Weekly links | Week of the 29th April

Hi again! Last ‘week’ was just three days long because of LSHTM’s generous Easter break, and there wasn’t quite enough time to get through emails, let alone collect five links to share on the blog. This week, however, there’s a lot to have a look at: First, and most important, is the Centre for Evaluation […]

Growing interest in integrating Process Evaluations into intervention research

Over the last few months, LSHTM collaborating partners have approached the Centre for Evaluation, seeking practical, applied training for their local staff on the aims, principles and methods of rigorous process evaluations. At the African Health Research Institute in Mtubatuba, a 2-day workshop provided AHRI staff involved in outcome evaluations of new interventions with an […]

Weekly Links | Week of the 8th April

This week we have a couple of papers from Epidemiology, an intro/thoughts on coding in qualitative research, an invitation to join the School’s R-users group, and more. Please send all suggestions to before 9am on Friday. Ever the engaging speaker, David Speigelhalter has a recorded talk at LSE called Learning from Data: the art of statistics. Definitely worth […]

Weekly links | Week of the 1st April

Here are five blogs or papers that we’ve found interesting this week. Remember — please send us whatever you’re reading so we can share with the Centre members. Have a great weekend! ‘Development interventions have similarities to medical treatments: if you treat superficial symptoms rather than the underlying pathology, or if you give the wrong […]