Adopt, Adapt or Abandon? Transferring successful interventions to new settings

Date: Friday 13th September

Time: 8.30 – 10.30

Location: LG6 & 7, Keppel Street

While innovations are often associated with piloting a new idea and then testing it for “proof of concept,” one of the biggest challenges facing evaluation researchers is how findings can be used to predict and prepare for implementation of a successful innovation to new settings and populations.

Join us to explore the critical “next step” of translating effective health interventions from one setting to another and to discuss the use theory, and evidence, to maximise the likelihood of successful replication.

Over breakfast, and through interactive group work, we aim to: (1) share definitions of key concepts, including “generalisability” “transferability” and “transportability”; (2) identify examples of successful and unsuccessful attempts to recreate intervention effects from LSHTM led research; and (3) explore potential for new collaborations within LSHTM to develop and test middle range theories in different health fields.

The event will be highly informal and there will plenty of time to talk to other attendees and make new connections. Everyone welcome!