Evaluation Design Workshop: connected diagnostics for health systems DfID bid

Date: Monday 13th May

Time: 12.00-13.00

Location: Jerry Morris B

Please join us for this evaluation design workshop, in which Joe Tucker will present the design of a proposed multi-country evaluation of the impact of diagnostics to strengthen health systems in the global south. The research team are proposing to use different approaches in the different countries: stepped wedge trial and quasi-experimental approaches. We welcome your participation to support the development of the proposed study.

Evaluation design workshops offer the chance to present your work to, and discuss methodological challenges with, a ‘critical friend’ audience. Workshops can be arranged at any stage – from grant applications to specific challenges that may arise during the evaluation’s life cycle. Read Professor Bayard Roberts’ and Dr Lucy Platt’s reflections on their experiences of having presented at a workshop. If you would like to present your study at a workshop please contact evaluation@lshtm.ac.uk