Evaluating programmes/interventions that change over time

Date: Thursday 13th June

Time: 12.30 – 14.00

Location: John Snow A

Interventions or programmes that change over time pose a challenge to how we plan and conduct evaluations. In this lunchtime session we heard from five speakers who are undertaking evaluations of interventions with both intended and unintended change. Speakers discussed how the evaluation has responded to these changes.

        Claudia Hanson: How to respond to “moving targets”?

       Aoife Doyle: Embracing uncertainty: the evaluation of an adolescent reproductive health programme incorporating human-centred design

       Robert Auger: Evaluating a complex sanitation campaign in Tanzania using a novel theory of change and structural equation modelling

       Karen Zamboni: Adapting evaluation protocols to respond to interventions that change over time: evaluation of the Safe Care Saving Lives programme in India

      Barbara Willey: The leopard changes its spots: the challenge of change in the IDEAS maternal and newborn health project in Nigeria

The talks was followed by a discussion chaired by Joanna Schellenberg.

Watch the session back and read our blog summarising the key challenges that change poses to traditional evaluation approaches online.