Challenges in reducing HIV and TB stigma among healthcare workers in the workplace: Results and insights from the “HIV and TB Stigma among Health Care Workers (HaTSaH) Study” a South African cluster randomised trial

Date: Wednesday 1st May

Time: 12.45 – 14.00

Venue: Jerry Morris B, Tavistock Place

Speaker: Nina Sommerland

HIV and TB stigma among co-workers in hospitals can have severe implications. Healthcare workers (HCW) might delay or avoid seeking care out of fear of being stigmatised at work, causing increased morbidity and mortality and putting further strain on an overburdened health system in South Africa. The HaTSaH study is undertaking a cluster randomised controlled trial to examine whether a socio-communicative intervention that uses HCW as change agents has reduced stigma in the work and, if so, in what way. In this seminar Nina will present some initial findings of the end-line analysis, based on quantitative and qualitative data.

HaTSaH is a collaboration between the Centre for Family, Population and Health at the University of Antwerp in Belgium and the Centre for Health Systems Research and Development at the University of the Free State in South Africa.

Nina a PhD candidate in sociology at the Centre for Family, Population and Health at the University of Antwerp, visiting the Centre of Evaluation at the LSHTM.