Stepped-wedge Trial Symposium

The symposium aimed to share current state-of-the-art understanding on the rationale, design, analysis and approaches to sample size determination for stepped-wedge trials and foster discussion between practitioners and methodologists considering, planning and undertaking stepped-wedge trials. A series of papers on stepped-wedge trials published in the journal Trials were also presented and launched.

Questions that were addressed in the symposium included:

• When should you, and when shouldn’t you, do a Stepped Wedge Trial?
•  What are the commonest, and what are the most robust, characteristics of Stepped Wedge Trials?
•  How could you, and how should you, analyse data from a Stepped Wedge Trial?
•  How should you determine the size of your stepped wedge trial?
•  What does the future hold for stepped wedge trials?


Link to the symposium video


The following is a list of the speakers and the topics that they presented:

Welcome and Launch of Special Issue of Trials – Audrey Prost, Daniel Shanahan

Origins of Stepped Wedge Trial design –Peter Smith

Session 1: Chair – Alan Girling

Why do a Stepped Wedge Trial Design – Audrey Prost

Options for Stepped Wedge Trials – Andrew Copas

Session 2: Chair – David Torgerson

How to analyse a Stepped Wedge Trial –Calum Davey

Sample Size calculations for Stepped Wedge Trials – Gianluca Baio

Panel Discussion: Chair – James Hargreaves

The past and future of Stepped Wedge Trials –Richard Hayes, Karla Hemming, Richard Lilford, Sarah Edwards