The ACT Consortium

Consortium Director:  David Schellenberg
Other LSHTM Research StaffDaniel Chandramohan, Sian Clarke, Catherine Goodman, Harparkash Kaur, Toby Leslie, Hugh Reyburn, Mark Rowland, Sarah Staedke, Jayne Webster, Christopher Whitty, Virginia WisemanClare Chandler, Bonnie Cundill, Kristian Hansen, Joanna Reynolds, Shunmey Yeung
Countries: Afghanistan, Cameroon, Ghana, Malawi, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, and Uganda
Funding Source: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

The ACT Consortium sponsored 16 research studies that answer key questions on optimizing ACT delivery in Africa and Asia. It focused on four main themes: Access, Targeting, Safety and Quality. It looked at the effectiveness of ACTs over time, cost-effectiveness of delivery strategies, acceptability, safety, and how to improve ACT use by prescribers and patients.  The Consortium was multi-disciplinary  in its approach, using several different study designs including qualitative research and RCTs.

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