Past Events

Pre-viva seminar: Robust Analysis of Stepped Wedge Trials

Date: Tuesday 28th November Time: 12.45 Venue: Room LG9, Keppel Street Speaker: Jennifer Thompson Supervisors: Katherine Fielding and James Hargreaves Stepped-wedge cluster-randomised trials are a trial design where clusters are randomised to sequences. Each sequence switches from the control to the intervention condition at a different time during the trial. This means that at the start […]

LSHTM Week: Process Tracing and Bayesian Updating for Impact Evaluation

Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2017 Time: 11-12pm Venue: Rose Room (LG6) Speaker: Barbara Befani This seminar presents the combination of Process Tracing and Bayesian Updating when aiming to establish causal linkages between interventions and outcomes in single-case evaluations. The method relies on generative causation and is potentially very transparent, which makes it replicable and potentially […]

LSHTM Week: Consultation on how to conduct impact evaluations that support generalisability transferability

Date: Friday, 22 Sep 2017 Time: 9-10.30am Venue: LG6 Please RSVP to if you would like to attend as we will be sharing more information beforehand Generalisability is often thought of as the extent that the effect of an intervention in one place predicts what will happen in another place. We think that what […]

SAMVEDANA PLUS: Reducing violence and increasing condom use in the intimate partnerships of female sex workers

Speakers: Lucy Platt & Tara Beattie Date: Thursday 29 June 2017 Time: 1230-1330 Venue: LG9   Background:  Female sex workers are at increased risk of HIV and STIs compared to women in the general population, and frequently experience violence in their working and domestic lives from a variety of perpetrators, which can enhance this risk. […]

Quality of Community-based Newborn Care in Ethiopia

  Key findings from “Quality of CBNC programme assessment: Midline Evaluation Report” Speakers: Dr Bilal Avans (IDEAS) and Dr Della Berhanu (DAGU) Date: Thu 29th June 2017 Time: 1715-1815  followed by a reception Venue: Manson Lecture Theatre, Keppel Street Programme Community-based newborn care (CBNC) is an Ethiopian national initiative which aims to improve newborn survival […]

Real-time Evaluation for Programme Improvement

The success of health interventions and programmes largely depends on how well they are implemented. Most evaluations are done retrospectively, providing learning ‘for next time’, which is important but misses key opportunities to improve interventions and programmes as they are being delivered. We urgently need to adapt and develop new methods for evaluating implementation that […]

Protocol Workshop for a Realist evaluation of integrated delivery of immunization and family planning in Benin, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, and Uganda

Speaker: Shari Krishnaratne Date: Tuesday 27 June Time: 11.15-12.15 Venue: Manson Theatre   Please join us for a presentation that will describe the development of a protocol for a realist evaluation, and a discussion that will follow. The evaluation is of an intervention which aims to integrate the delivery of immunization and family planning services. The […]

When should stepped wedge trials be used to evaluate public health interventions?

Speakers: Audrey Prost Date: Thursday 22 June 2017 Time: 4-5pm Venue: Jerry Morris A (G13), Tavistock Place   Evaluators often consider using stepped wedge trial designs when there is evidence that an intervention is likely to be effective, and when implementing it in phases is desirable or inevitable. In this talk we consider whether stepped […]

UPDATE: Crowdsourcing as a tool for developing sexual health and other public health interventions

Announcement: Updated date and venue!  Speaker: Prof Joe Tucker Date: Monday 15th May 2017 Monday 22nd May 2017 Time: 1245-2pm Venue: Manson Lecture Theatre John Snow A In 1906 at a county fair in England, individuals were asked to guess the weight of an ox. The median guess from this group was more accurate than guesses from agricultural experts and […]

Taking lessons from HIV/AIDS: Do we really need more evidence for cash transfers in the TB context?

Date: Wednesday 10 May 2017

Time: 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm

Venue: Manson Lecture Theatre, LSHTM, Keppel Street

Speaker(s): Dr. Delia Boccia, LSHTM, Dr. Lucie Cluver, Oxford University & Dr. Nicole Fraser-Hurt, World Bank