Stepped-Wedge Trial

Stepped-wedge Trial Symposium

The symposium aimed to share current state-of-the-art understanding on the rationale, design, analysis and approaches to sample size determination for stepped-wedge trials and foster discussion between practitioners and methodologists considering, planning and undertaking stepped-wedge trials. A series of papers on stepped-wedge trials published in the journal Trials were also presented and launched. Questions that were […]

The IeDA Study – Integrated eDiagnosis Approach for the management of childhood illnesses at primary health facilities in Burkina Faso

Status: Ongoing Study Start Date:¬†September 2014 Estimated End Date:¬†September 2017 Current adherence to Integrated Management of Childhood Illnesses guidelines is very low in Burkina Faso. A promising new approach involves using tablet computers to guide medical practitioners through the guidelines in real-time during a consultation. The data collected can then be used within cycles of […]