Why are Stepped Wedge Trials becoming so popular?

By Jennifer Thompson On 22nd September a half day event at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine launched a series of papers on Stepped Wedge Trials (here in referred to at SWTs) and brought together some of the researchers at the forefront of the development of these complex trials. I was lucky that the […]

What can a study in Kenya tell us about the effect of deworming on school attendance?

Researchers at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine recently published a re-analysis of an influential study estimating the impact of deworming drugs on educational outcomes. Their conclusions about what the study is able to show differed from that of the original authors, who published a response in the same journal. The LSHTM researchers […]

Watch back our lectures from LSHTM’s annual symposium

Stepped-Wedge Trial Symposium  Results reconsidered : challenges of re-analyzing a stepped-wedge trial with health and educational outcomes

Is it worth treating everyone who might get worms?

About a quarter of the world’s population could have worms living in their guts. For many years experts have recommended treating large groups at risk of infection – but is this mass approach worthwhile? Read the article (BBC News)

Re-analysis of data draws different conclusions from Kenya worms trial

James Hargreaves Director, Centre for Evaluation Today, LSHTM Centre for Evaluation Researchers release the findings of an important three year project. In research sponsored by 3ie (The International Initiative for Impact Evaluation) we replicated Miguel & Kremer’s famous trial, conducted in Kenya in 1998-1999, which suggested that school-based deworming improved school attendance among both children […]

The Centre for Evaluation – One year on

Though always part of its core business, perhaps at no other time since its founding in 1899 has evaluating public health interventions, programmes and policies been higher on the agenda of LSHTM and its staff, students and partners. That’s why the LSHTM “Centre for Evaluation” was launched, nearly one year ago. The contemporary challenges and […]