IDEAS Summer Seminar Series: What works, why and how to improve maternal and newborn health in Uttar Pradesh, India, Ethiopia and Nigeria?

Join us for an IDEAS seminar series to explore questions related to measurement, learning and evaluation of maternal and newborn health in Ethiopia, India and Nigeria. In 2010 the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation approached the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine to support the review of their maternal and child health strategy. More than seven years later, the IDEAS team has collected and analysed a wealth of data and results.

Professor Joanna Schellenberg and the IDEAS team will present the most salient findings in a series of seminars, running from July to October.

Upcoming seminars:

  • Seminar 3: (30 August 2018) Characterising complexity in maternal and newborn health innovations in Nigeria, Ethiopia and India. Speaker: Ms Krystyna Makowiecka
  • Seminar 4: (27 September 2018) Improving local health decision-making through the Data Informed Platform for Health. Speaker: Dr Bilal Avan
  • Seminar 5: (4 October 2018) How and why does scale-up happen? Speaker: Dr Neil Spicer
  • Seminar 6: (15 October 2018) Evaluation of Community-Based Newborn Care in Ethiopia. Speaker: Dr Della Berhanu & Dr Bilal Avan

Past seminars:

Lunch will be provided and no registration is required. For more information contact the IDEAS Communications Officer Noreen Seyerl or visit the IDEAS website.