Quantifying Impact Series: Evaluation Using Observational Data

May will be quasi-experimental month! The Centre for Evaluation, supported by the Centre for Statistical Methodology, will be hosting a series of lunchtime seminars introducing methodological approaches beyond stratification and regression to address confounding in quasi-experimental or non-randomised designs. Each session will describe some examples as well as discussing the advantages and disadvantages over more commonly used methods.

Seminar 1: Using difference-in-differences in health systems research

Venue: Jerry Morris A, Tavistock place

Date: Tuesday 1st May 12.45-14.00

Speaker: Tim Powell-Jackson

The difference-in-differences approach is a quasi-experimental method widely used to evaluate the impact of health policies and interventions. This seminar will introduce the method and discuss a number of applications in the field of health systems research with a view to highlighting both the pros and cons of the method.

Stay tuned for more details on the seminars in the rest of this series: