LSHTM Week: Consultation on how to conduct impact evaluations that support generalisability transferability

Date: Friday, 22 Sep 2017

Time: 9-10.30am

Venue: LG6

Please RSVP to if you would like to attend as we will be sharing more information beforehand

Generalisability is often thought of as the extent that the effect of an intervention in one place predicts what will happen in another place. We think that what we learn from evaluations of complex interventions can best be transferred from one context to another using ‘middle-range’ theories that consider mechanisms and contingencies for when and how interventions might work. This requires all aspects of an evaluation to be considered together: the impact evaluation, the process evaluation, and relevant literature across a variety of fields.

In this consultation we will discuss what strategies could be considered to interpret process and outcome data, and what strategies could be considered to identify when the structures underlying effects in one place are likely to be important in another.

No registration required, all welcome, first come, first serve (40 places)

Tea and biscuits from 9.00am, with the first session beginning at 9.15am