Quality of Community-based Newborn Care in Ethiopia


Key findings from “Quality of CBNC programme assessment: Midline Evaluation Report”

Speakers: Dr Bilal Avans (IDEAS) and Dr Della Berhanu (DAGU)
Date: Thu 29th June 2017
Time: 1715-1815  followed by a reception
Venue: Manson Lecture Theatre, Keppel Street

Community-based newborn care (CBNC) is an Ethiopian national initiative which aims to improve newborn survival by strengthening Primary Health Care Units and the Health Extension Programme. CBNC was launched in March 2013 as a mean of bringing life-saving care to mothers and newborns at the community level within the Ethiopian health system. CBNC’s package includes delivering a parenteral antibiotics regimen at the community level to improve sepsis-management. (http://ideas.lshtm.ac.uk/our-partners/ethiopia/community-based-newborn-care)

LSHTM, through the IDEAS Project, is collaborating with the Ethiopian Federal Ministry of Health to evaluate the CBNC programme (http://ideas.lshtm.ac.uk/). The evaluation framework includes a series of quantitative surveys and qualitative assessments over the course of five years. Funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, this research is led by Dr Bilal Avan and Dr Della Berhanu.

Based on key findings from the CBNC midterm evaluation, and using both standard and innovative methods, the seminar will focus principally on how to assess Quality of Care in newborn health-care service initiatives.

Read the report here